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GeneRotex Series Full-automatic Rotary Nucleic Acid Extractor

Application Fields

In molecular biology experiments, nucleic acid separation and purification is of vital importance. Tianlong GeneRotex Series full-automatic rotary nucleic acid extraction system can process 1 to 96 samples at the same time and can be widely used in the sample pre-treatment of areas such as disease prevention and control, animal epidemic control, clinical diagnosis, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, food and drug administration, forensic science, and teaching and scientific research.


Technical Principles

GeneRotex series full-automatic rotary nucleic acid extractor is the first to adopt the self-developed Rotary Mixing Technology (RMT) in China. That is, 360° rotation and mixing are rapidly conducted based on the up and down reciprocating motion at a slow speed. This technology can control the risk of cross-contamination caused by nucleic acid aerosols to a lower level and the noise generated during operation not exceeding 65dB. In addition, the design concepts of independent module as well as one machine and three types are also fully reflected in the series, and the needs of diverse downstream experimental testing can be met.

Various Extraction Modules

96 Flux: Innovative 6*16 extraction module is supported by independently developed and produced 96-deep-well plates and single six-tubes, which overcomes the defects of the traditional extraction module including inflexibility and reagent waste while ensuring the high flux extraction. From then on, you can choose between 1 and 96 at will.

48 Flux: The large-scale extraction system of 1ml sample size is combined with the self-developed cone-bottom consumables, which makes the ultra-sensitive detection of infectious disease pathogens as low as 10lU/ml simple and easy.

24 Flux: The innovative 5mI large sample size and the maximum processing volume of 15ml are adopted to meet the requirements of various testing items such as prenatal DNA detection tumor targeting medication guidance.

Efficient Pollution Control 

Rotate and Mix

In order to minimize the generation of aerosols, the self developed RMT technology is first adopted. Compared with the traditional oscillating mixing technology, the amount of aerosol generated is substantially reduced by more than 50%. The risk of false positives caused by cross-contamination is controlled to a more effective extent, and the accuracy of experimental results is further guaranteed.

Negative Pressure HEPA 

The instrument has a built-in replaceable High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) and a negative-pressure air extraction device to ensure that the exhaust gases are free of biohazard. 

UV disinfection 

The instrument has a built-in UV lamp for the setting of flexible disinfection time.

Product Highlights

Ultra-silence Operation


With the innovative rotary mixing technology and product design, the running noise is always controlled within 65dB.

Favorable Reagent Compatibility

As the fifth generation of full-automatic nucleic acid extractor of Tianlong Technology, GeneRotex96 inherits the classic 96-deep-well plate and the innovative single six-tubes and is compatible with Tianlong extraction kits of all varieties and specifications.

High Extraction Efficiency

The recovery rate of nucleic acid is ≥95%. The recovery rate of magnetic beads is ≥98%. The detection rates of 10lU/ml HBV and 30 lU/ml HCV are both ≥98%.

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