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Oct. 09, 2020

JuXin Technology has become a new innovative model and competitive breakthrough for medical diagnostic products through the close integration of nanotechnology, biomedicine, and advanced manufacturing technology. The advancement of disease prevention and control measures has been written into the national "13th Five-Year" strategic outline, requiring early diagnosis and treatment to reduce the mortality rate. Therefore, diagnosis is the key, and molecular diagnostic genetic testing, as the top technical means of clinical laboratory diagnosis, has developed rapidly and has a large market space, and has become the strategic commanding height of the domestic and foreign industries;

Automatic nucleic acid extraction workstation based on nano magnetic bead technology and high-end molecular diagnostic equipment such as multi-channel fluorescence quantitative PCR nucleic acid detector, as well as dozens of nucleic acid detection molecular diagnostic kits used in medical, disease control, food safety and other fields. The products have obtained a number of national invention patents and medical device registration certificates, have a high market share, and play a major role in tumor detection and prevention and control of hepatitis, H1N1, H7N9, avian influenza, Ebola and MERS;

JuXin Technology

Four types of automatic fluorescence quantitative amplification analyzer Gentier 96E, Gentier 96R, Gentier 48E, and Gentier 48R were selected into the domestic excellent product catalog of automatic fluorescence quantitative amplification analyzer;

Gentier 96E/96R is tailor-made to meet the experimental needs of high-end users, and has obtained the domestic NMPA Class III registration certificate, EU CE and international CB and other authoritative certifications. This product has rapid temperature rise and fall, accurate temperature control, efficient fluorescence detection, and flexible control methods. It can easily realize qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis and other experimental functions;

Gentier 48E/48R is specially tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized laboratories and on-site testing. It has obtained the domestic NMPA Class III registration certificate and the EU CE and other authoritative certifications. This product is compact and portable, does not require fluorescence calibration after moving, rapid temperature rise and fall and fluorescence scanning, flexible control methods, stand-alone printers can be directly printed after the results, can meet qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis and other experimental functions.

JuXin Technology

The selected Gentier series of testing equipment can be widely used in clinical diagnosis, disease prevention and control, food safety, forensic identification and scientific research, and play an important role in the prevention and control of major epidemics such as the new crown and African swine fever.

Up to now, the Gentier series of customers have accumulated thousands of customers, covering all levels of medical institutions, disease control centers, animal epidemic control, immigration and customs, scientific research institutes, forensic identification institutions, food companies, molecular diagnostic companies and other industries. We It has provided more than 2 million reagents and more than 400 instruments, serving more than 500 disease control centers and medical institutions, and has been well received by customers;

To meet the various needs of customers, we also provide a variety of laboratory equipments and reagents to choose , automatic biochemistry analyzer, semi-automatic biochemistry analysis, microplate reader, microplate washer, urine analyzer, 3-part Hematology analyzer, 5-part Hematology analyzer, etc.

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