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  • Microplate Washer/Elisa Washer JX-520B

Microplate Washer/Elisa Washer JX-520B

Flexible and Easy To Use:

● Large and high brightness LCD display, intelligent software, easy to operate

● Pre-washing function to avoid tubes plugging

● Self calibration and accident alarm function

● New protection design, no liquid spilling

● Two groups of needles on washing head to minimum carryover

● Large memory to store up to 100 programs

● 10 different shape plates acceptable

● Several washing channels for use


Advanced Washing System and Intelligent Software:

● Residual volume ≤2ul, ensure thorough washing

● Applicable to 48-/96-well U-/V-/Flat-bottom plates or strips

● Support multiple suction mode, reduce air bubbles

● Strong washing function, bottom washing and two positions aspiration to achieve thorough washing

● Washing pressure, volume & time adjustable, washing times.soaking time pre-settable:whole plate, single strip or arbitrary washing acceptable

● 8-channel or 12-channel washing head interchangeable, inside of the washing head is detachable and easy to maintain

● Plate shaking and soaking function time and speed is adjustable, so as to avoid interfering effectively

● Needle positions adjustable and up to 10 different needle positions pre-settlable

● 5 positions of needles adjustable, fit for multi-kind of plates

Microplate Washer/Elisa Washer JX-520B


Micro-plate Types:48-/96-well U-/V-/Flat-bottom plates or strips
Residual Volume:≤2ul/well typical
Solution Volume:50ul-900ul adjustable
Washing Cycles:1-16 optional
Washing Mode1-12, row and rank, selectable
Soaking Time:0-990s adjustable
Shaking Time:0-990s adjustable
Display:Large LCD
Channel:3 channels for washing liquid, 1 channel for waste liquid
Memory:Up to 100 programs can be stored
Dimension:61*51*31cm; 46*43*29cm
Power supplyAC220V±10%, 50/60Hz, AC110±10%, 50/60Hz
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