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  • Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020


Multi-function Sample & Reagent Tray

● 44 samples & reagent position on board, can be extended to 88 positions

● 24 hours non-stop cooling in Reagent & Sample position (4-15℃)reagents & samples ready-to-use

● Primary tubes, test tubes and various sample cups can be used

● Samples can be Serum, urine and cerebrospinal Fluid

● STAT supported

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

High Precision Syringe

● High precision syringe, durable, trouble and maintenance free

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

Hgh Performance Mixer Design

● Independent mixer, functions immediately after the samples and reagents pipetted in

● 3 different mixing speed, no air bubble, so as to increase the accuracy

● No reaction liquid splash

● Polished mixer surface to ensure no air hanging

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

High Quality Colorimetry System

● Direct heating reaction tray, temperature increase to 37℃ quickly, with±0.1℃ fluctuation, real-time display on screen

● Low reagent consumption to reduce cost

● High quality cuvette, with excellent UV penetrability, durable and economic

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

Sample/ Reagent Dispensing System

● Automatic liquid detection: Probe selects the perfect position to minimize the cross-contamination

● Inventory monitoring: Sampling & reagent probe adjust depth automatically according to need for liquid, so as to increase accuracy

● Collision protection: Probe depth adjust and resent automatically

● Cleaning: automatic cleaning with JX-MED's patent "Spring"cleaning mode

● Preheating: Reagent preheating function to keep reagents and samples ready-to-use

● Syringe: High precision, durable, trouble and maintenance free

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

High-tech Washing

● 6-step auto-washing with 3 kinds of different detergents

● Complete drainage to prevent any carry over

● 6 times washing for each reaction cuvette

● Water consumption <5L/hour

● Special and complementary washing for samples easy to be contaminated

● Whole procedure is monitored to ensure cuvettes always clean

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

Intelligent Software

● Multi-media operating software, easy to understand and operate

● Real time online help system

● Multi kinds of automatic monitoring function to ensure the analysis procedure scientific and intelligent

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

Intelligent Liquid Level Detection

● Automatically detect levels of detergent, distilled water and waste liquid, with real-time alarm

Fully-auto biochemistry analyzer JX-6020

System Functions

Type:  Fully automated, Random Access Biochemistry Analyzer

Throughput: 200Tests/hour, up to 280 tests/hour with ISE(optional)

Test Mode:  End point, Kinetics, Fixed

time, Immunoturbidimetry, Monochromatic, Bi-chromatic&Multi-standard Analysis Linearity & Nonlinearity Calibration Single & Dual reagents can be used.

Test setting: Programmable for single-parameter, multi-parameter, combined parameter, batch test,

Test Range:  Clinical Biochemistry, Turbidimetry, ISE, Protein, Drug abuse

Parameter Setting: Completely open for editing test parameters and calculation parameters

Sample System

Sample Tray: 44 sample position for primary tubes, test tubes and various sample cups whole sample tray can be removed and replaced, any position can be aligned as the emergency test position

Sample Volume: 3ul-30ul, programmed by 0.1ul step

Sample handling: Dilute and retest automatically when sample's concentration beyond limitation

Sample probe: Liquid level detection and collision protection

Probe cleaning: automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over<0.1%

Syringe: High performance syringe, durable and maintenance free

Optional item: Bar code reader

Reagent System

Reagent tray: 44 positions for single & dual reagents, reagent position can be aligned freely

Refrigeration: refrigerated reagent compartment, 24 hours non-stop cooling with Peltier element maintaining temperature 4~15 ℃

Reagent bottle volume: 35ml and 20ml, slope bottom design

Reagent volume: 150ul~300ul, programmed by 0.1 ul step

Reagent probe:   Automatic liquid level detection function and collision protection

Reagent pre-heating function, inventory checking

Real time monitoring of reagent residual volume and auto alarm

Probe cleaning: Automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over <0.1%

Reaction System

Reaction tray: 48 reaction cuvettes with 6mm optical path, good UV penetrability, low consumable, low cost

Reaction technology: Back-Dividing-Light Technology

Reaction volume: 250ul-300ul

Temperature : 37℃,with±0.1℃ fluctuation

Mixing system: Independent mixer

Cleaning: Automatic cuvettes cleaning and complete drainage to reduce carry over

Water consumption: 5L/hour

Liquid detection: Detergent, distilled water, waste liquid automatic detection and alarm

Optical System

Light source : Halogen lamp 6V/10W, life span≥3000hours

Wavelength: 340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 505nm, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm

Detector: Photoelectrion Diode Array

Absorbance range: 0.000Abs~3.000Abs

Calibration & Quality Control

Calibration mode: Linear (one-point, two-point and multi-point), Logit-Log4P, Logit-Log5P, Spline, Exponential, Polynomial, Parabola

QC rules: Westgard Multi-rule

QC mode: Intra day & Inter day QC

Operating System

Computer:  Windows 2000 System or above

Data management: Large capacity for results and reaction curves to be displayed, saved and printed

Report: Edit and print complete reports, format editable, support network printing

Port: RS-232

Working Conditions

Power: 220V±22V, 50/60Hz±1Hz

Power consumption; ≤400VA

Environmental temperature: 15~30℃

Humidity: ≤85%

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