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Jilin JuXin Technology Co., Ltd.

Jilin Juxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Jilin JuXin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JX-MED ") is located in Lvyuan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China. It is focused on emerging molecular biological product sales company. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has always adhered to the development concept of science and technology to serve the public, market-oriented, and customer-centric, and is committed to providing overall solutions for genetic testing, molecular diagnostic instruments&reagents and IVD  equipments&reagents.


We have always been committed to providing customers with global high-quality analytical biology equipment & reagents and laboratory instruments & reagents through professional, detailed and comprehensive services and tailor-made laboratory solutions







The company's products currently cover from molecular detection equipment such as nano-magnetic bead method nucleic acid extractors, gene amplification thermal cyclers, Real time PCR, to large-scale automated nucleic acid workstations, at the same time, we also supply lab equipments ,such as Biochemistry analyzer, Elisa reader, Elisa washer, Urine analyzer, Hematology analyzer and so on, There are hundreds of types of supporting reagents

Jilin JuXin Technology Co., Ltd.

After continuous efforts, in order to meet the needs of overseas markets, JX-MED established the overseas business department in early 2020, dedicated to the development and management of the company’s overseas business.

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JX-MED people will make efforts to human life sciences


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